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Add dashes of spices into your life. Life is meant to be beautiful and colorful. Its amazing how a simple joke in the morning can brighten the rest of the day. A tasty meal can linger on in our senses for days together. A beautiful song can play on in your mind long after you have heard it. A loving memory can cherish your entire life. These are the spices of life. Live Life. Enjoy Life. Remain healthy and beautiful. In a nutshell... Khatee Meethi Life


  1. Great. I am sure all will benefit from this venture. :)

  2. Very true Vimi.....that's what God wants us to do, enjoy his beautiful creation...

    1. Indeed... I would like to share the beauty of little things of life through this blog.

  3. Sugar n spice ....thats indeed life!!!
    Happy writing vimi...!

  4. Awesome Vimy. I'm sure you'll inspire many with your writings๐Ÿ˜€

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  6. Great Vimi!! Looking forward to reading your blog.


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