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About Me

I am happy to welcome you to my site. This is my page and I would like to share a bit about myself and how happened.

My style of cooking
I have no formal training in cooking. I have evolved my own style of cooking by trying out various dishes learnt from family and friends. Hence, you may find full Punjabi flavours coming from my Punjabi roots, South Indian aromas coming from my husband’s side and a whole lot of tastes from my friends who are from all over.

My passion has always been to cook with lots of love. If you ask me a single ingredient that makes a good dish, the answer is love. When I see my family smile at the table, I am happiest.

When I see the world around me today, I see a marked difference in the lifestyle from the one I grew up in. More and more couples spend time in restaurants than at home. Lack of time is eating into our lives. There is so little time for ourselves. Forget about time for cooking. My heart goes out to all the busy couples today. Also students who stay miles away from home in hostels. Young executives who are transferred to cities that is not their own.

Then I thought to myself that people can be introduced to the joy of cooking. One does not need a lot of time to be a great cook. When I cook for my family, I use the bare minimum ingredients. I spend very little time in my kitchen. And are my dishes tasty? Ask my husband and my son.

So the natural next step was to share my style with others. Simple and fast is how I cook. You can too. Quick and easy is how my kitchen at home functions. That is how quickneasybites happened.

My dream
My dream is that everyone should be able to experience the joy of cooking. No matter how little time one has, they should be able to dole out tasty and healthy recipes in a jiffy.

My gratitude
I thank my family and friends for their encouragement and support. For questions and comments please submit a feedback here.

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