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Wheat Flour Halwa Recipe

Wheat Flour Halwa Recipe

You can make it instantly at home whenever you feel like eating sweet. It is also known as Atte ka Halwa. It is usually served in Gurudwara with langar. It is very tasty and yum. This recipe is very simple and you just need 4 ingredients to make it. 


1. Ghee 1 small cup
2.Wheat flour
3. Sugar
( All the above should be in same quantity)
4. 1 glass water
Method :
First put the ghee in a pan. Keep the flame slow only throughout the recipe otherwise it will get burnt.
Now put the wheatflour in it and keep stirring it.
After a few minutes the color of the wheat flour will change. At this time you put the sugar and water in it and keep stirring it.
You have to keep stirring it till the ghee is separated from the halwa.
You can see the ghee is started separating from the Wheat Flour Halwa. Stir it for a few minutes and your yummy Wheat Flour Halwa is ready.
Serve it hot and enjoy. So serve it with dinner tonight. Quick and easy to make.

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